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Raises More than £3,000 for Charity

Over 100 People in Spectacular Pilates Class

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Teaching Better Movement

for a Better Quality of Life

through Pilates, Tai Chi

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Beginner's Pilates Course

Don't just copy the moves - you need to understand Pilates to get the real benefit

Our Dedicated Beginner's Course is the right way to learn...

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New Course Starts 01 June

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Tai Chi & Qi Gong

Ancient moves to combat the stresses of modern living

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When life gets in the way of your usual class ...

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Stretch Xpress

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PodCasts make Practice - Easy

Pilates4Life is the biggest provider of Pilates tuition in West London delivering first class instruction and a caring approach to participants of all ages and abilities from Uxbridge, Hayes, Hillingdon & West Drayton, Ickenham, Ruislip, Denham, Iver and beyond.

4 Graded Pilates Classes

Keep You Working At The Right Level


4 Levels of Pilates Classes

With 12 Classes per week at 4 Levels, Pilates4Life is the biggest provider of pilates tuition in the West London area. With graded classes you are always working at the right level whether it be Beginner, Intermediate or Advanced – with focussed teaching to help you develop and progress.


Pilates Online & Offline

Online Support – Downloads for Practice

Pilates4life OnAir online gallery of video tutorials shows you how to improve your technique to get better results. Downloadable PodCasts give you the tools to practise pilates at home and when you’re away from home. Building core strength, keeping you strong.

4 Levels of Pilates Classes

Pilates Beginner Course

Get it Right from the Start

Pilates Beginner's Course

  • 14 Complete Beginners start from scratch and learn the fundamentals of the Pilates method, step-by-step over a 6-week course.

  • How to correct your Posture – stand and sit comfortably, look more confident, elegant and younger

  • How to find and Contract your Core Muscles to give you strength and support

  • Plus 3 other Important Factors …

Next Beginner’s Course Starts


Membership Benefits

With Pilates4life it’s more than just attending a class – it’s a whole education, with loads of support to help you get the most from the Pilates method.

Exercise Sheets

Course Notes, Exercise Sheets plus Special Stretches

Online Booking

Book a place, right now! Plus PodCasts, Books, Equipment and more.

OnAir™ Videos

Refine your technique with our online video tutorials and get better results in class


Never Miss a Class – The easy way to fit Pilates into your busy schedule

Tai Chi & Qi Gong

Ancient Techniques for Modern Living

Flowing movements co-ordinated with slow, rhythmic breathing to promote a deep sense of well-being and a calm but focussed mind. Improve flexibility and control and bring balance to all aspects of life.

More Smooth Moves

TaiChi - Stillness in Motion

The Inside Track on Pilates, Health & Fitness Issues

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