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Summer School

A Chance to Try Something New


Pick & Mix 2016

Each summer, as members jet away to somewhere warmer, Pilates4Life brings you Summer School – a chance to try something new.

A varied programme of Pilates and non-Pilates classes gives you the chance to pick ‘n’ mix – try a stretch class, shape up with some resistance work, keep your focus on Pilates – you choose.

Book just one class or many. And if you haven’t tried Pilates4Life before then this is a great chance to sample a class and see the professionalism and quality of teaching that sets us apart.

Check the Summer School Timetable for class times and locations, and to book your place – visit the Book & Buy page

Pilates-based Classes

These Classes are Suitable for those with Pilates Experience

Pilates with Xtras

Pilates with Pole

Suitable for: Pilates – Levels 1, 2 and 3.

Using the Chi-Ball, Pole and Mary’s unrivalled creativity to create a unique Pilates class that tests your strength, balance and co-ordination.  Challenge yourself and feel the difference.

Mixed Level Pilates

Suitable for: Pilates Levels 1, 2 and 3

Keep your Pilates practice going through the summer with a routine to challenge all levels.

Mini Massive


Suitable for: Pilates Levels 1, 2 and 3

Recreating some of the ‘Mat Goes Massive’ magic with another Pilates routine choreographed to a classic track. Missed the magic? Check it out here.

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Other Movement Classes

These Classes are Suitable for Everyone – No Experience Required

Stretch and Relax

A Full-Body Stretch Program

A very popular class stretching every muscle from head to toe.  A calm and relaxing way to start or end the day. This session will also use concepts from the Feldenkrais Method which encourages body awareness.



Another episode in the Dynamite series – this one will get you into shape for Rio! It’s a simple movement routine followed by resistance training. If you ever wanted to know how to work and tone your muscles, this is your chance. It’s all about good technique, the brief is: Safe, Effective and Fun!

Tai Chi & Qi Gong

An introduction to Tai Chi, and Qi Gong: flowing, continuous movement, coordinated with the breath, helping the body to release tension in the muscles and increasing mobility in the joints.

hatha yoga


A beginner’s guide to Hatha Yoga with a range of poses designed to stretch and challenge, to improve your flexibility and mobility.


Summer School Timetable

2016 ( 25 July – 15 August)

Click on a heading to organise the table by Class, Day, Venue or Experience

DayDateClassTimeVenueExperience Level 
Mon25 JulCopacabana Workout7 pmNew DenhamSuitable for All
Mon25 JulPilates8 pmNew DenhamPilates Level 1-3
Tue26 JulPilates 7 pmGreenwayPilates Level 1-3
Tue26 JulPilates 8 pmGreenwayPilates Level 1-3
Wed27 JulPilates7 pmGreenwayPilates Level 1-3
Wed27 JulTai Chi8 pmGreenwaySuitable for All
Mon1 AugMini Massive7 pmNew DenhamPilates Level 1-3
Mon1 AugPilates8 pmNew DenhamPilates Level 1-3
Tue2 AugPilates7 pmGreenwayPilates Level 1-3
Tue2 AugStretch & Relax8 pmGreenwaySuitable for All
Wed3 AugStretch & Relax7 pmGreenwaySuitable for All
Wed3 AugPilates8 pmGreenwayPilates Level 1-3
Mon8 AugTai Chi6:30 pmGreenwaySuitable for All
Mon8 AugHatha Yoga 7:30 pmGreenwaySuitable for All
Tue9 AugStretch & Relax7 pmGreenwaySuitable for AllSOLD OUT
Tue9 AugPilates8 pm GreenwayPilates Level 1-3

£11.00 Read more

Wed10 AugPilates7 pmGreenwayPilates Level 1-3

£11.00 Read more

Wed10 AugPilates - with Xtras8 pmGreenwayPilates Level 1-3SOLD OUT
Mon15 AugPilates 7 pmNew DenhamPilates Level 1-3SOLD OUT
Mon15 AugHatha Yoga8 pmNew DenhamSuitable for All

£11.00 Read more

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Summer School T’s & C’s

  • Each Class is Booked Individually – SwapShop is not Available
  • No-Charge Cancellation: 7 days minimum
  • Minimum Class-Size Required