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10 Cakes – 10 Years of Pilates4life

10 Cakes – 10 Years of Pilates4life

What week is it? Cake Week.  Our annual thank you to all our students – a small piece of loveliness!

This year we celebrate 10 years of Pilates4life.

8 nervous but keen individuals gathered in The Barn on 26 April 2005 and the first Pilates4life Beginners’ course was under way. Who would have imagined, over the past decade, I have had the privilege of introducing The Pilates Method to approximately 1000 more students.

The Pilates Method is a real journey of discovery; physically, mentally and emotionally. It does not suit everyone, as to practise correctly, it is demanding but those who embrace it begin to realise the great benefits it offers.

I have witnessed so much.  Inspirational students who overcome all manner of difficulties.  They have taught me a lot about what you can achieve, given the right encouragement, and have left me in absolute awe. Those who finally make the decision to take control of their condition; out of pain and towards a better quality of life. For me, this is true satisfaction. I educate and motivate but I cannot DO. For some, it takes a while, and a bit of tough love!

A highlight was last year’s Mat Goes Massive event.  I went out on a limb and to be honest was slightly panicking at one point.  Those who attended would agree, coupled with the feedback I received, it was fun, emotional and proved what fantastic members we have in Pilates4life.

Thanks for sharing the journey!

(Not sure I would have made it without my dependence on chocolate on alcohol!)


  • Congratulations on 10 years. xx

    Well done Mary. Xx

  • Jo Holmes

    Mary is an inspirational woman – a true professional who is so caring and passionate about teaching pilates!

    I began my pilates journey with Mary after a recommendation from my sister in law and friend, Adele, back in September with some one-to-one sessions that proved invaluable.

    I am now at level one and throughly enjoy pilates. I feel my posture and balance has improved considerably and I have renewed confidence in my body and it makes me think about looking after myself more.

    I can’t speak highly enough of Mary and Pilates4Life. Try pilates4life ‘cus your worth it!

    Love Jo x

  • Serena Cross

    I remember starting the beginners course with you at Virgin Active and have continued with you ever since. Thank you so much for your dedication and expertise, I am so privileged to have such a great teacher. Many congratulations on the 10th birthday. Xx

  • David

    This came just at the right time, never felt better, so congratulations on 10 years.
    Here’s to another 10. 🙂

  • Pauline

    Congratulations on your tenth birthday! The lemon cake was delicious…
    I’ve been coming to Pilates to help with posture, as my day job involves sitting at a computer all day. My mum says she’s really noticed a difference in my posture, so I’m pleased!

  • Jackie Howcroft

    Nine years later – my Pilates class is an important part of my week. Congratulations on the first ten years Mary and the cake was tasty too x

  • Licia Viscito

    Thanks for the lovely cake Mary, particularly the fruit one!
    I am relatively new to Pilates but have known Mary a long time and she is a very special lady to say the least!
    My weekly class is not only helping me physically, but it is a wonderful hour of ‘me time’ that I look forward to.
    Many congrats Mary, keep doing what you’re doing! xx

  • Stephanie

    A very well deserved piece of cake! Congratulations on ten fabulous years.

    I have been attending Mary’s amazing classes for over 4 years and signing up was one of the best things I have done for myself.

    I first came to Mary due to sciatic pain and this soon disappeared after attending weekly classes. Mary teaches in a very precise and professional manner (although her funny stories keep us entertained!). She is extremely knowledgeable about the human body and is always passing on great advice in class to help us.

    Due to a hypermobility disorder, I know that if I didn’t attend regularly, I would have far more muscle and joint related problems. I love coming to class and cannot recommend them enough.

    Here’s to another 10 years Mary !

  • Adele williamson

    Huge congratulations for 10 years of teaching Pilates .
    I had been diagnosed with a compressed disc and after 2 injections into my lower spine was told that I had to strengthen my core muscles and the best way to do this was Pilates . A friend of mine – Linda Rout – who has attended Mary’s class for many years – told me how good Mary was-so I booked one to one lessons that I found hard to do at first – i struggled with most of the exercises – but nearly two years later – the improvement is AMAZING thank you Mary – you are brilliant . Xx

  • Elizabeth

    Congratulations Mary! Thank you for the cake, the chocolate one was delicious.
    I only started Pilates4Life in January but it has genuinely already changed my life so much I get teary just thinking about it! I struggled to recover core control and strength after having a c-section with my third baby. The back pain was excruciating and really affected me constantly as it is so physically demanding looking after little children. I went to physio, which helped to an extent, but it was the incredible work with Mary that really made a difference for me. After only a few weeks of Mary’s classes and lots of practice I was genuinely PAIN FREE! I can tell the difference when I get lazy and don’t practice, so keeping up with classes has been a great motivation for me, as well as Mary’s tough love approach. You’re clearly a legend, Mary. Thank you so much and please keep going for another 10 years!

  • Marilyn Micallef

    Congratulations Mary on Pilates4life10th Birthday and a belated thank you for the birthday cake. It’s a lovely (and delicious) way to celebrate yet another year of pilates and for me it’s extra special as I was one of the people who started at the Barn on 26th April 2005.
    I joined the pilates class when I was close to retirement and although I have always attended exercise classes over the past 40 years I found that pilates helped me gain strength in a completely different way. I only wish I could have started lessons at a younger age as I might have managed the advanced class by now!
    I know this won’t happen now as osteoarthritis is gradually interfering with my ability, but I am sure I would not be coping so well without pilates for the past 10 years. Thank you Mary for being such an excellent, dedicated and caring teacher and I hope, God willing, to still be attending your classes for another 10 years!

  • Mary Hickey

    Dear Mary

    Many Congratulations on 10-years of teaching Pilates. Its been 3 to 4-years since joining one of Mary`s classes and I am so pleased I did so. I have always had problems with my lower back and this seems to have completely resolved and my posture and shape have also benefited from this form of exercise. Mary`s teaching technique is very professional, she is extremely knowledgeable about Pilates and its relevance to the Human Body and is always passing on good advice. I often wish I had joined Pilates at a younger age however better late than never. Wishing you many more successful years in teaching and Thank You for such enjoyable and wonderful Pilates.

  • Nicola

    Congratulations Mary
    It’s my 2 year anniversary with you and I am so pleased I found your class. My back is stronger and the classes generally make me feel better.
    Thank you

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