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I Never Seem to Have The Right Shoes

How to Choose the Right Footwear for Fitness

I Never Seem to Have The Right Shoes

While some of us may have a shoe collection to rival Sarah Jessica Parker or Imelda Marcos, when it comes to exercise often any old pair of trainers will do.

Whether you have agreed to do a fun run, take up Zumba or BokWa! or maybe decided you are going to walk more to get fit, your choice of trainer is vital. Ignore your feet and you will be building up all sorts of problems for yourself. While those Dunlop Green Flash circa 1975 might seem perfect or those Nike Blazers may be the hottest fashion item, they are not going to provide the right type of support in a step class!

8 Top Tips for Buying Trainers for Fitness

  • Dump the Dunlops OR any fashion type shoe you may have had in mind.
  • Think About the Type of Activity you are going to be doing
  • Find Out What Kind of Feet you Have – Do the Wet Foot Test:
  • Go to a Reputable Sports Shop with trained staff eg Runner’s World Some shops offer gait analysis to gauge your foot strike on the ground. Remember the person working the gadget needs to know what they are doing to interpret it.
  • Put your Trainers on Properly – Tap your heel 3 times on the ground to lodge it in the back of the trainer. Lace from bottom up making sure the laces are snug over the bottom of your foot and tightening the top two lace holes last.For more advice on different lacing techniques for different foot types visit RunnersWorld or
  • Break Them In – wear your new trainers around the house or garden for 30 minutes or so at a time for a couple of weeks to break them in before embarking on that 2 mile run and limping home with blisters
  • Change regularly
    On average trainers lose a significant amount of shock absorption and control after 500 miles of use! Serious runners should change their shoes every 3 – 6 months – regular users 9 months to a year.
  • Look After Your Shoes – do not put them in the washing machine this damages the shock absorption.

Think of trainers as an investment. The right pair will pay you back by preventing injury!

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