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Is your derriere letting you down?

Is your derriere letting you down?

Never fear Pilates4life is here in the fight against Dormant Bottom Syndrome or Gluteal Amnesia.
In my 23 years as a Fitness Professional, I have seen quite a variety of butts … among other things.

Thanks to my student “lovely Linda” who brought my attention to an article in The Sun. She asked had I written it; almost word for word (including a demo of a squat using a chair) was what I had said in class the previous day. She went as far as suggesting “they are a bit behind”!!  This is a very good article; worth reading and taking note of.  The advice offered is sound and the suggested exercises, done correctly as the article takes care to point out, are all good and will target the right area.  Seeking out the services of a good physiotherapist and fitness professional will pay off in the long run.

My students have heard these words and the advice many times. Unfortunately I observe quite a lot of flaccid buttocks and rather than use those big muscles to make movements that support the lower back and hips people use their lower back solely so it ‘picks up the slack’ as the article rightly points out. Something I talk about on a regular basis, if you have weak buttocks you will have a weak back, weak hips and restricted hip mobility and it won’t stop there. As muscles and joints are not in isolation but part of a chain it will have a knock-on effect, knees, ankles, shoulders and neck. Shoulders and neck issues are increasingly common; a by-product of our modern lifestyle.

Engaging muscles that are weak is difficult to begin with; they have adapted to zero demands being made upon them and are totally de-conditioned through poor postural habits and inefficient movement patterns. For me, it’s a no-brainer, the benefits of working at it far outweigh the effort required. So as a Pilates and Fitness instructor it is my role to educate and motivate. I have always been a firm believer in explaining “why” and being a stickler for good technique.

Some of us are old enough to remember Maureen Lipman’s BT adverts “he’s got an ology” We all love a label but take care not to have a “syndrome” particularly a Dormant Bottom Syndrome.  Our population is living longer but at the same time is in the poorest health. No one is going to look after you better than yourself – you have a vested interest.

So work and strengthen those butts like your life depends on it. To help you engage them, imagine a fifty pound note in a certain crevice and HOLD on to it.  You will be richer for it – less prone to injury, move better and look better.

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