An Open Letter to HM The Queen

Her Majesty - Another Sciatica Sufferer

An Open Letter to HM The Queen

Your Majesty,
I am extremely saddened to hear that One is suffering with back pain and a possible reoccurrence of Sciatica.  I don’t suppose jumping out of that helicopter helped.

One cannot but admire your stamina over the past 60 years as our Monarch.  The physical demands of your daily program are immense.  For someone of similar years to walk with such marvellous posture and step unaided from a relatively unstable platform such as a carriage with such strength, balance and poise is amazing.

Sciatica, is not a diagnosis – it is a symptom of  something else causing the sciatic nerve to be pinched or compressed.  It can be spine or intervertebral disc related or muscle tightness. Since the sciatic nerve initiates in the lower back and then splits running down through each buttock and the entire leg, it would make sense that any tightness in the musculature could potentially press or pinch the nerve.  The nerve runs either under, or through both the piriformis in the buttock area and the hamstring  at the back of the leg; if either muscle is particularly tight it causes the symptoms of sciatica.  (Sometimes knows as Piriformis syndrome)

If I could be so bold as to suggest a stretching routine of the lower back, piriformis and hamstring, One may gain some relief.

Avoiding repetitive type actions such as leaning forwards with swords or medals may also begin to ease the problem.   I note newspapers report today Prince Charles is to carry out an investiture engagement on your behalf – good advice indeed.  Perhaps investing in an Aluminium Sword may be beneficial.

With these sorts of conditions sufferers are often advised to lay down and take it easy.  If the sciatica is being caused by a disc issue this will only exacerbate the problem.  Any sufferer of disc related problems will always report sitting down is more painful.

My Philosophy is: Life is Motion™ – Keep moving!

I am certain One will be given the best advice and care Your Majesty.  I sincerely wish our wonderful Monarch a speedy return to pain free full health.

Your loyal subject

PS: One is available for One to One’s!

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