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Keep it Keen To Keep it Lean

How to Change Your Body Shape & Maintain It (Part 3)

Keep it Keen To Keep it Lean

In Part 1, “Pilates? Will it help me lose weight?” and Part 2, “Smart Girls/Guys do Dumbells”, we discussed how Cardio Vascular (CV) training helps to decrease the level of body fat, and how Resistance Training, gives Shape to muscle.

Now in the third and final part, we look at how we keep our enthusiasm for exercise going and continue to gain and maintain results.

4 Ways to Keep Your Training on Track

1.  Cross-Train

For optimum fat burning and great body shape combine resistance training and CV work in your training programme.  Muscle is the most metabolically active part of your body, burning up 3 times as many calories as any other tissue type.  Weights (and other forms of resistance training) promote the development of lean muscle mass boosting your fat burning potential!

2.  Review your training

Review your programme regularly;  every 6 – 12 weeks.  Your body gets used to the demands you make of it, changing what you do, will provide your body with a fresh stimulus and optimise the long term potential for continued fitness improvement and fat burning.  Come out of that Comfort Zone!

Change ONE of the following:

  • Frequency – how many times you exercise per week
  • Intensity – how hard you work eg increase the weight you are lifting
  • Time/Duration – increase the time spent overall or maybe in just one activity

REMEMBER: Only change ONE of these at at time.

3.  Variety

After all, variety is the spice of life!  Try something new; an exercise class (so someone else will motivate you to keep going), swimming, or circuit training (this can be a great way of including CV and resistance training in one session).

4.  Eat Sensibly

A varied diet; above all, ENJOY your food and eat enough to train successfully. So many people restrict their food intake to change their body weight but the body needs fuel to train so if it doesn’t get enough it will hold on to the FAT like an unwelcome guest at a party!


Through these 3 articles I have shared with you my own personal journey together with my knowledge as a fitness professional. This is how I have maintained my 5 stone (72lbs) weight loss for the past 20 years.  I do exercise every day but it changes and is varied – I do not train for any longer than 45 – 50 minutes in any one session – in fact my two indoor gym sessions are only 35 minutes!   During the course of a week I have trained every muscle group (including my heart) in the body in a variety of ways, whether in the gym, outside, tennis, step class, stretch, pilates… you don’t have to spend hours at it.

Be good to yourself, be sensible about your exercise and enjoy your life! A little bit of everything does you a world of good and more importantly;

IT KEEPS YOU KEEN TO KEEP YOU LEAN!  Bring on the champagne!

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