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Pilates 4 Back Care

Pilates 4 Back Care

Pilates is great for those who need to take care of their backs.

Life is motion™   When we have poor quality of motion, our quality of life suffers.

Joints and muscles work together in a balanced way to create movement. Sometimes certain muscles are tight while others are weak and limiting our quality of movement. This is particularly poignant when limited movement results in pain – which seriously affects our quality of life.

Pilates trains for natural, correct and efficient movement resulting in better bodies and better quality of life.

Pilates4life is a Professional Member of Backcare – the charity for healthier backs – and as such is recognized as having anatomical knowledge and experience to SAFELY instruct the Pilates Method to those with Back Conditions.

How Do I?

  • Break the cycle of recurring back pain?
  • Improve my posture?
  • Strengthen & tone my muscles?
  • Reestablish better movement quality?
  • Improve my quality of life?
By Taking Ownership of your Condition

Life is Motion™
… Pilates4Life

Many of the exercises in the class are the same as I was given by my back specialist, but with your teaching I now understand how it works and what I need to do/feel to get it right”

Kelly Harrison


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