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After Zumba – Piloxing?

Fitness Re-Cycled, Re-Branded, but is it Pilates?

After Zumba – Piloxing?

Piloxing – Check it out:

What is it?  Pilates, Boxing and Dance.  Of course.  Prepare to be “pinked” as you browse around the Piloxing site.  Congratulations – a perfect case study in branding – aimed at the female audience or male depending on what you are searching for.

Despite spending a long time looking, I  cannot find any information about the moves and what is involved in Piloxing. I can, however, Shop Till I Drop through their extensive collection of branded clothing, DVD’s and equipment.  I suspect the “core” is mentioned during the workout so therefore it MUST be Pilates.

For around $300-odd dollars (£250) anyone can complete a one-day training course and qualify as a Level 1 Piloxing Instructor.  There are no pre-requisites of experience of any other exercise or anatomy knowledge. It originates in Sweden but is currently the workout of choice for Hollywood starlets.  There are already several instructors in this country mainly concentrated in the Wirral and Gloucestershire – I am sure it won’t be long until it reaches Zumba-esque nationwide success.  Get ready – it’s coming to a church hall near you.

Interestingly, Joseph Pilates did in fact train as a boxer when he came to England in 1912.  His study of musculature of the human body due to his own frailties led him to create his method which he called Contrology known to us today as Pilates.

My trainer uses boxing as part of my varied training program. Not Piloxing-trained, but a former amateur champion.   He is fanatical about good technique which keeps me safe and injury-free.  I doubt that, with only 8 hours training to qualify, the Piloxing instructor will be so fanatical.  Expect to see therefore, plenty of injuries; shoulder (rotator cuff), elbow, neck ……

Boxing is extremely hard work for the 2 or 3 minute intervals I do.  Brilliant strength and cardio vascular training together with coordination and concentration. To pack more power into your punch you need core activation plus it makes you harder to knock down. This is where practicing Pilates really improves your performance, not only in boxing but all sports and life generally.

The only thing that is “pink”  in my boxing sessions? (“red” in my case)  My face! Exhausting but great fun.  The purse?  Jam doughnut!

I am not sure Joseph would approve of his Method being used to legitimise every new fitness fad nor with such shameless merchandising.

It’s time the fitness industry recognised things for what they are and be honest; it is a rebranding of old ideas.

PS: Having just discovered “Pilates for Pooches” clearly there are no limits to the misuse of Pilates.

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