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Daily Workout 2


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Suitable for Levels: 1 to 3
Duration: 13 mins
Daily Workout 2 is a full-body workout designed as a warm-up for daily life. Combining mobility, flexibility and strength exercises in a convenient bite-size format to prepare you for the day, or to de-stress after your working day is complete.
Daily Workout 2 is slightly more challenging than Daily Workout 1. The 2 podcasts may be used on alternate days, or sequentially if you have more time.
2 versions are included in each download – one with gentle background music, one without.



  1. Preparation for Swimming
  2. Swan Dive
  3. Side Leg Raise – Right
  4. Partial Roll-Back
  5. PAC with Rotation
  6. Single-Leg Stretch
  7. Side Leg Raise – Left
  8. Happy Puppy

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