Put Bad Backs on Ice

Put Bad Backs on Ice

``I have hurt my back - what have I done?``
- ``Did you ice the area?``
``No, I have been using a hot water bottle and deep heat but it's really stiff and sore``

How many times do you suppose I encounter this scenario?

The application of heat will provide short term relief only, usually followed by an increase in pain and reduced mobility.

When a joint  becomes injured/inflamed the muscles around the area will tense up to protect it to prevent further stress to that joint.  The body is very clever and has its own safety systems. Applying heat will cause the surrounding muscles to relax and give a sense  of relief short term but as they relax they are exposing the injured joint to further stress. If the area is inflamed, heat will open up the capillaries and send blood to that site, potentially causing further inflammation.

Applying ICE to the area will help REDUCE inflammation.
How long? 10 – 15 minutes
How often? Every hour increasing to every 2 hours

If you observe the skin in the area reddening – that’s too cold, for too long!

You can now buy some “bio freeze” gels which have the same cooling effect and are easier to apply to those “hard to get at” areas.

Applying ice to the area will help reduce inflammation

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