Safety Guidelines for In-Person Pilates Classes

Safety Guidelines for In-Person Pilates Classes

Everyone’s Safety is our Top Priority

Safety Guidelines for Live Classes

We are introducing cleaning procedures and social distancing measures guided by experts at UK Active, the UK government and Public Health England.

Temperature Checks:  We will be checking everyone’s temperature on arrival; if anyone has a high temperature they won’t be able to enter the venue.

Hand Sanitising: Members will be encouraged to use the sanitising gel provided on arrival and departure.  

Cleaning and disinfecting:  We will be cleaning the room before and after each class.  We will follow the venue’s required cleaning procedure, plus that advised by UK Active.

Social Distancing: You will see new social distancing signs both outside and inside the venue, including one-way systems.  Numbers in each class will be limited with marked areas for each student.  Please cooperate with the instructor when being directed to a marked area.

Changes in classes: To ensure we keep everyone safe, we are using larger halls and classes will be slightly shorter.  We need to have enough time to carry out cleaning prior to and between each class. Be sure to check the Timetable – it will be different.

Ventilation: Windows and doors will be kept open where possible to ensure a good air flow and adequate ventilation in line with the guidelines.  This may mean the room is a little cooler than previously so it may be worth having an extra layer.

Instructors: We, as instructors, will be wearing visors and keeping strictly 2 meters from every student at all times.  There will be no walking around or hands on correction.

How You can Keep Yourself & Others safe

To keep our classes as safe and as clean as possible; we need YOU too.  We ask that you follow these simple rules:

  • Stay at home if you are unwell: Please do not come to class if you feel sick or have COVID-19 Symptoms (Inform us immediately if you or any member of your household develop COVID-19 symptoms)
  • Bring your own full water bottle
  • Arrive ready to work out:  Please come in your workout gear avoiding having to change
  • Travel light: ONLY bring what is strictly necessary to take part in class.  Mat, cushion, towel, bands.  Avoid extra bags, clothing etc.  All of your possessions, including coats and shoes are to be kept in the designated area.
  • Remember your kit:  We will not have any that can be borrowed or shared
  • Arrival time: Try to arrive no more than 5 minutes early and follow the social distancing rules while you are waiting outside to enter the centre and class.
  • Be on time for class: As no admittance will be possible once the session has begun and the door will be closed
  • Use hand sanitising stations: At ENTRY and EXIT points
  • QR code: Scan the venue code if you have a smart phone
  • Bathrooms: It will be your responsibility to clean touch points before using the toilet with the materials provided. Ensure you follow proper hand washing, using soap and paper towels.
  • During the class: Please remain alert to and observe the social distancing rules; stay within your designated area.  Avoid straying away from it.  If you need anything please alert your instructor and they will assist you.
  • When class is over: Your instructor will open the exit door and ask you to leave the room one by one as quickly as possible.  Avoid congregating near the centre ie passageways, or car park.  Exit as speedily as you can to allow other users to use the centre
  • Follow the social distancing signs: Keep to the one-way system and try to stay at least 2 meters from others as much as possible.

Author: Mary Clarke-Mills

Version 4:  01/06/21