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Making Your Schedule as Flexible as You Are
SwapShop for Class Flexibility

If you can’t make your usual class …

… there’s still a way to get Pilates into your schedule – the SwapShop™

We all lead busy lives so from time to time there’s bound to be something that gets in the way of your usual Pilates class. The good news for Pilates4Life members is that you can usually swap to another class. If Parents’ Evening, football fixtures, Birthday celebrations or holidays clash with your session, the SwapShop™ can help keep you in good shape. For shift-workers the SwapShop™ can add some much-needed flexibility so that you don’t miss out.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Notify the SwapShop™ that you cannot make your usual class
  2. Ask for your preferred alternatives
  3. Receive confirmation of your new class
  4. Confirm which swap you want to accept


SwapShop™ Rules

  • You must notify the SwapShop™ at least 24 hours in advance to release your usual space
  • Maximum 3 swaps per term
  • Swap places are subject to availability
  • Don’t choose a class more than 1 Level higher than usual
  • The SwapShop™ is subject to a fair use policy
  • If you miss your class through illness, working late, lack of childcare or natural disaster, it’s a shame but sadly SwapShop™ cannot help you: it’s a swap system, not a compensation scheme.
  • SwapShop™ is open Mon – Fri 9 am to 5 pm

Request Swap

Just to re-emphasise the point – please notify the SwapShop™ at least 24 hours in advance as someone is probably waiting for a place in your class!

SwapShop™ is a Trademark of Pilates4Life – all rights reserved.

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