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Missed Classes

There are no refunds, credits or swap classes for missed classes. This applies even if the reasons for missing the class are not your fault.

Cancellation - Refund

    1. If you cancel your Course Booking more than 2 weeks before the course start date, we will refund your course fee, but will retain £5 to cover our administrative costs.
    2. If you cancel your Course Booking less than 2 weeks before the course start date (but before the course has started), we will aim to re-sell your place and, if successful, we will refund your course fee, but will retain £5 to cover our administrative costs.
    3. If you cancel your course after the course has started, no refund is possible.

Cancellation - Deferment

It is not possible to defer a Course Booking to a future course. If you cannot attend the Course that you have booked, you may Cancel your Booking under the terms set out above, and book a future course when it becomes available.

Health Requirements

It is your responsibility to monitor your own health and to inform Pilates4life of any concerns that may affect your ability to take part in a group class, or may affect other students in the class. All students must complete our Health Form at least 1 working day prior to starting your first course with Pilates4life.

There are no refunds or credits for classes missed through sickness or injury, but you may ask for a class “Swap” if you notify us in advance (see SwapShop Rules)


  • You must notify the SwapShop™ at least 24 hours in advance to release your usual space
  • Maximum 3 swaps per term
  • Swap places are subject to availability
  • Don’t choose a class more than 1 Level higher than usual
  • The SwapShop™ is subject to a fair use policy
  • If you miss your class through illness, working late, lack of childcare or natural disaster, it’s a shame but sadly SwapShop™ cannot help you: it’s a swap system, not a compensation scheme.
  • SwapShop™ is open Mon – Fri 9 am to 5 pm

One-to-One Bookings

  • Cancellation: Please give at least 48 hours notice. Should you cancel the session with less than 48 hours notice, the booking fee will be retained
  • Payment & Booking Fee: A £20 deposit will be payable on booking. This will be deducted from the session fee upon attendance. Booking fee is payable by cheque or BACS and balance payment to arrive 24 hours before the session start time.
  • Another Person Attending with You: It’s fine to bring someone else with you to the session however YOU are the person being taught; constant interruptions are not helpful.
  • Punctuality:Please arrive on time and ready to start. The appointment time given is the time we will start the session. If you are late you will be flustered and find it difficult to concentrate. It may not be possible to run over to make up the lost time.
  • Practice: It is vital to practice between each session. One-to-One sessions are limited and there are always people on the waiting list. If you are not committed to practice you will not be eligible to book further One-to-One sessions.

Venue & Teacher Availability

Very occasionally, we may have to cancel a class because the venue is not available or the teacher is unable to attend. In these situations we will give students as much notice as possible and will offer a refund or a credit of £9 per class cancelled.


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