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willPower and Grace

- the latest craze?

willPower and Grace

willPower and Grace purports to be, “barefoot cardiovascular exercises set to up-tempo music and designed to condition and strengthen your body, especially the feet and lower legs. The name willPower & Grace derives from the skill-set you need to take part in the class ‘willpower’ to see through the fast paced active segments and ‘grace’ for the Pilates-inspired balancing poses”

Or perhaps it plays on the name of a successful American TV series in order to get noticed?

Is it really anything we have not seen before? We are only human and, as with everything in life, (and exercise is no different) we are excited by the prospect of something new. It’s different, it’s fun……..look at the impact Zumba is having currently. Is it really any different to what we call “aerobics”?  The emphasis is on fun rather than technique; it has people moving which is always good.  However, what are the longterm effects of poor technique?

I have been in this industry for 18 years now and have witnessed many things come, go, and sometimes go round twice!  What ever happened to the ‘Bosu’, ‘Slide’ the half-moon shaped step that never made it to the UK from across the pond – or line dancing?  Some of this equipment gathers dust in the corners of studios around the country.

Barefoot work is beneficial; there is a lot of sensory information coming from the feet. Some of us don’t realise there are in fact muscles in the foot that get tight!  In terms of posture, we should always think  from the feet up.  The stretching and balance elements of willPower and Grace are also great.  The one thing I personally would not advocate is barefoot impact work, such as jumping, unless you are used to this type of activity; maybe a performer with a contemporary ballet company?

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