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Pilates – Higher Levels

Intermediate to Advanced

Finding the Right Class for You

3 Experience Levels

keep you working at the right level

in Pilates it’s always best to be working at the right level for you.

Level 1 – Intermediate (Lower)

If you have just completed the Beginner’s Course with Pilates4Life, or have achieved an Intermediate level at another Pilates school, then this is the right class for you.

Learn and Improve:

  • Lower back strength and extension through the Swan Dive
  • Coordination using the Single Leg Stretch and Swimming exercises
  • Abdominal strength mastering The Hundred
  • Proprioception skills – “knowing” when your alignment is right
  • Hip mobility and pelvic stability using the Single Leg Circle

You should be fully competent in the fundamentals and basic repertoire of the Pilates Method. If you have movement limitations, or are recovering from injury or surgery, then this is also the right level for you.
At this level we are no longer learning “how to” but practising and perfecting the Method; building confidence and building the repertoire of exercises.

The first term of Level 1 after graduating from the Beginner’s Course is a steep learning curve but after four or five terms at this level you should be ready for the challenges of Level 2.


 Key Facts

Where When Price
Greenway Mon 9:45 am £67
Greenway Mon 11 am £67
Brunel Mon 6 pm £67
Brunel Mon 7 pm £67
Greenway Mon 8:30 pm £67
Greenway Tue 6 pm £67
Greenway Tue 7 pm £67
New Denham Wed 11:15 am £67
Greenway Wed 7 pm £67
Greenway Wed 8 pm £67


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Level 2 – Intermediate (Higher)

If you have just graduated from Level 1 (Intermediate) with Pilates4Life, or have achieved Advanced level at another Pilates school, then this is the right class for you.
If you are recovering from injury or surgery, or if you are pregnant, then Level 1 (Intermediate) is the right answer: in Pilates it’s always best to be working at the right level for you.

Learn and Improve:

  • Whole-Body strength and endurance needed to hold The Plank
  • How to take your Pilates practice to the next level with precision alignment
  • How to master the full Roll Up exercise with advanced breathing techniques
  • Core strength and coordination needed for precise execution of the Double Leg Stretch exercise
The pace of the class is slightly faster than Level 1 so control, precision and quality of movement are vital criteria.
We begin to add the more challenging exercises from the Pilates Method and develop strength and flexibility in preparation for Level 3 (Advanced).

If you have been practising Pilates for a while and found that you are no longer improving, then the rigour applied at this level is just what you need to take your performance to the next level.
Precision teaching combined with subtle variations in alignment isolate the key muscle groups so that the transversus abdominus works effectively. This is a slow, but steady process and is usually completed in 6 to 8 terms, leaving you stronger and ready for a seamless transition to the Advanced Class.


 Key Facts

Pilates - Level 2, Intermediate
Where When Price
Greenway Mon 7:30 pm £67
Greenway Wed 6 pm £67

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Level 3 – Advanced

This is a course for those who want to be challenged and you need to be proficient, experienced and injury free. If you are currently working at Advanced level with another Pilates school then signing up for a term at Level 2 (Intermediate-Higher) would be the ideal introduction to this level.

Learn and Improve:

  • Advanced stretches to allow greater core activation
  • Menezes Method techniques for higher performance safely
  • Biomechanics to aid your understanding of each exercise
  • Focus on the lateral core – ‘slimming without liposuction’
  • Safe execution of Scissors, Helicopter & Rolling like a Ball
This is a fast moving and flowing class that includes some power sections. Remaining as faithful as possible to the Joseph Pilates sequence the movements provide a challenging, pulse raising workout. Prepare to perspire!

It’s at the Advanced Level that you really feel the benefit of Mary’s wealth of knowledge and experience- pushing the boundaries without compromising safety. Her commitment to continuing education and research into advanced techniques keeps you moving forwards

 Key Facts

Pilates - Level 3, Advanced
Where When Price
Greenway Tue 8 pm £67

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