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Teaching Better Movement Patterns

First Class Teaching Since 2005

Pilates4life was founded by Mary Clarke-Mills in 2005 in response to constant demand for high quality Pilates Method instruction outside the “health club” environment.

The reputation for delivering first class instruction together with a caring approach to participants of all ages and abilities has spread. The ability to think outside the box and apply anatomical knowledge to adapt, modify and even create movements means Pilates4life suits all. Over the years our members have included those who are chair-bound, partially sighted, amputees and semi-professional footballers.

I don’t often come across an instructor who has such an in depth knowledge and understanding of the body structure and is able to explain it so well

With 13 Courses at 4 Levels, Pilates4Life is the biggest provider of pilates tuition in the West London area. We offer a logical system of progression for the participant from complete novice to advanced level. With graded classes you are always working at the right level with focussed teaching to help you develop and progress.

Now with Tai Chi and Qi Gong added to the curriculum, Pilates4life shows the same commitment to professionalism and innovation in teaching better movement patterns.


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Mary Clarke-Mills, Founder Pilates4life

Mary Clarke-Mills, Founder Pilates4life

Formally trained in London and New York, Mary is the Creator and Technical Director of Pilates4life and is a much sought after Pilates Instructor, Menezes Method and Movement Specialist.  With more than 23 years experience in the fitness industry Mary blends excellent teaching skills with humour, creativity, motivation and education.

Over the past 7 years of teaching Menezes Method I have seen dramatic results with my participants; their practice has improved significantly, they achieve more and get there faster.
For some it has been “liposuction without the surgery”™

Mary Clarke-Mills


Mary attended her first Pilates class 21 years ago, was instantly hooked and inspired to become a Pilates Instructor adding to her repertoire of skills. Through her own practice of the method Mary has become dramatically stronger and alleviated a back issue caused by a fall during pregnancy 28 years ago.

We rarely give any thought to the way we move UNTIL we begin to develop aches and pains. At that point we want an instant fix. However we may have spent years establishing poor movement patterns creating the ache!

Mary believes education is the key and the Pilates Method is the way forward. It is a journey, initially of discovery, followed by education of how we treat the ’cause’ not the ‘pain’.


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