WoW™ Workout Programs

WoW™ Workout Programs

WoW™ Workout programs are dedicated Level 1 Pilates classes for private study – available at any time that suits you. Each video is packed full of helpful tips and advice to help you get the most from the class, plus you get the opportunity to see Mary demonstrate each exercise.

The programs are progressive – each workout builds on the previous one, raising the intensity or the challenge as you work through the program.

Well paced, precise and encouraging

2 formats are available


WoW™ Workouts

WoW™ Workouts

A new Workout video is delivered each week of term for you to complete as many or as few times as you wish before it changes. Program dates are usually aligned with live class term dates.

WoW™ Anytime Programs

WoW™ Anytime

All the videos are available all of the time to complete in any order you choose. You could do a different workout each day, or any other combination. You can start a WoW™ Anytime program anytime!

Each Series is stand alone, however we do recommend completing Series 1 first if you have had a break from Pilates for some time. Not just a workout but an education!

Hard but in a good way, because I’m getting back into the workouts after a long break..

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