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4 Graded Pilates Classes

Keep You Working At The Right Level


4 Levels of Pilates Classes

With 14 Classes per week at 4 Levels, Pilates4Life is the biggest provider of pilates tuition in the West London area. With graded classes you are always working at the right level whether it be Beginner, Intermediate or Advanced – with focussed teaching to help you develop and progress.

Full Class Timetable

Never Miss A Class

SwapShop™ Keeps You Working

If you can’t make your usual class there’s still a way to get Pilates into your schedule… the SwapShop™

If Parents’ Evening, football fixtures, Birthday celebrations or holidays clash with your usual session, the SwapShop™ can help keep you in good shape. If you are a shift-worker the SwapShop™ can give you some much-needed flexibility so that you don’t miss out.

How It Works

SwapShop - Making Your Schedule as Flexible as You Are

Tai Chi & Qi Gong

Ancient Techniques for Modern Living

Flowing movements co-ordinated with slow, rhythmic breathing to promote a deep sense of well-being and a calm but focussed mind. Improve flexibility and control and bring balance to all aspects of life.

More Smooth Moves

TaiChi - Stillness in Motion

Course Timetable

March 2019 (4 Mar – 10 Apr)

BOOKING OPENS – Monday, 4 February – 9 am

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Qi Gong ( - 7:30 pmGreenwayJeremyBook Now
Qi Gong & Tai Chi ( - 9:30 pm NEW GreenwayJeremyBook Now
Stretch & Relax Mon8 - 9 pm NEW Brunel Sports Centre Mary

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Pilates BeginnerTue8 - 9 pm GreenwayJeremy

£67.00Read more

Pilates - Level 1Mon9:45 - 10:45 amGreenwayMary

£67.00Add to basket

Pilates - Level 1Mon11 - 12 amGreenwayMary

£67.00Add to basket

Pilates - Level 1Mon6 - 7 pmBrunel Sports CentreMary

£67.00Add to basket

Pilates - Level 1Mon7 - 8 pmBrunel Sports CentreMary

£67.00Add to basket

Pilates - Level 1Mon8:30 - 9:30 pm GreenwayJeremy

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Pilates - Level 1
4 Terms Experience Needed
Tue6 - 7 pmGreenwayMary

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Pilates - Level 1Tue7 - 8 pmGreenwayMary

£67.00Read more

Pilates - Level 1Wed11:15 - 12:15 amNew DenhamJeremy

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Pilates - Level 1Wed7 - 8 pmGreenwayMary

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Pilates - Level 1Wed8 - 9 pmGreenwayMary

£67.00Read more

Pilates - Level 2Mon7:30 - 8:30 pmGreenwayJeremy

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Pilates - Level 2Wed6 - 7 pmGreenwayMary

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Pilates - Level 3Tue8 - 9 pmGreenwayMary

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Term Dates – 2019

January7 Jan13 Feb6 WEEKS
March4 Mar10 Apr6 WEEKS
April29 Apr22 May3 WEEKS
(No Classes w/c 6 May)
June3 Jun10 Jul6 WEEKS
September16 Sep23 Oct6 WEEKS
November4 Nov11 Dec6 WEEKS