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Stretch & Relax
5 Week Course

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A class that stretches every muscle and leaves you fully relaxed. The perfect way to unwind.


Term: New Weekly Classes
Venues: Uxbridge Centre

32B The Greenway


Class Time:Mondays 5.35 – 6.25;
Course Dates: 22Jul – 19 Aug 2024
Equipment Required: Full length mat, Head Cushion or Folded Towel, Long scarf/tie or similar

A very popular class from our Summer School programme. In this session you will stretch every muscle from head to toe. A calm and relaxing way to end the day. This session will also use concepts from the Feldenkrais Method which encourages body awareness.

Open to anyone (minimum age 16 years), no experience required.

You should have no major mobility restrictions. As the majority of the exercises are done on a mat on the floor, you must be confident and comfortable getting up and down from the floor and moving around on it. If you would like to check whether you would be able to attend this class you can complete our Health Form and we will advise you.

2 reviews for Stretch & Relax
5 Week Course

  1. Nicky (verified owner)

    This class is a wonderful way to fully stretch out and end up deeply relaxed. Mary focusses on different parts of the body each week, gently talking us through all the exercises and ensuring that we stretch as much as is appropriate for our individual needs. As always, Mary checks our safety throughout the class and ends with us all extremely calm and relaxed. I highly recommend this course.

  2. Serena Cross (verified owner)

    I thoroughly enjoyed this class and have signed on for the next 6 sessions. This class really helped to fully stretch out the muscles targeted. I knew at the end of each session, my targeted muscles felt elongated and my body relaxed. For each Stretch and Relax session attended, I felt my muscle flexibility improving, and when I was working on another exercise class, I was aware that my muscles were more flexible to work with. E.g. When I attended the Pilates class on Wednesday, I felt the flexibility which enabled me to stretch out more. One does not just attend to stretch and relax, one is also being educated by Mary on the safety and anatomy of our body. Mary’s expertise and gentleness is well worth making the effort to attend this class. I hope Mary continues with the Stretch and Relax class as a permanent part of her schedule. I for one look forward to more and more sessions.

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