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Eighty per cent of forearm fractures, 70 per cent of hip fractures and 58 per cent of spine fractures occur in women. These figures are due to osteoporosis, which affects about one in three British women over 50 (compared with one in 12 men).
“Many people exercising to increase their bone density are, in fact, increasing their fracture risk though dangerous movement patterns”
There is a great need for more information regarding osteoporosis and how to deal with its effects. Karena Thek Lineback’s book gives lots of good details but the book could be much improved with a better layout of the exercises and instructions. There are some useful photographs showing how not to do the exercises, which for osteoporosis sufferers is vital – but they are tucked at the end of the section – by which time it may be too late.
Read carefully, and make sure that you have a knowledgeable teacher.

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