Booking Classes – Everything You Need to Know

Booking Online - Pilates and Stretch Classes

Booking Classes – Everything You Need to Know

Classes are Organised in Blocks of 6 Classes

Classes are booked in 6-week blocks or ‘Terms’ with a one, or two-week break between them, roughly in line with school terms. Choose your preferred day and time.

Can’t make the same time each week? Click here to find out how we can help.

Terms are booked in advance online.

Can I Reserve a Place Now and Pay Later?

Our booking system is live all the time, so your place on a course is only confirmed when your payment is made.

When Can I Book?

Booking for the next Term usually opens on the Monday of Week 5 of the previous Term. This allows everyone a fair chance to book their preferred class. First come, first served.

If you would like to be notified of when booking will open, the join our Guest List and we will email you the date.

When do the Terms Start?

We usually have 6 blocks or ‘Terms’ per year, roughly in line with school terms. You can find the dates for this year in the table below.

January 6 Jan12 Feb6 WEEKS
February 24 Feb1 Apr6 WEEKS
April 20 Apr20 May5 WEEKS
June 1 Jun8 Jul6 WEEKS
July 20 Jul26 AugTBC
September 14 Sep21 Oct6 WEEKS
November 2 Nov9 Dec6 WEEKS

What If I Can't Attend All 6 Classes?

There are no refunds or credits if you miss a class, but if you know in advance that you will miss one or more classes then our SwapShop™ system can help you swap to another class  in the same term.

Read more about SwapShop™ here.

The Term Has Started, Can I Still Join?

You can join the current Term even after it has started and only pay for the remaining classes. If there is a place available in the class that you would like to join email us and we will send you details.

What Happens in the Summer Months?

During July and August when many people are on holiday we run our Summer School: a reduced program of classes that are available on a Pay-As-You-Go basis. In addition to mixed-ability Pilates classes we add other movement disciplines, sometimes with guest presenters.

Read more about this year’s Summer School program here.


Except during our Summer School program, we don’t offer classes on a Pay-As-You-Go basis.

Paying for the block means …

  •  your place in class each week is guaranteed
  •  lower costs for Pilates4Life  …
  •  … and therefore costs to members
  •  you have a full hour of instruction – no time spent on administration