Our Style of Teaching Pilates

Hands-On Style of Pilates Teaching

Our Style of Teaching Pilates

At Pilates4Life, our aim is for every student to become a competent and safe practitioner of the Pilates Method gaining the very best from their body and their class experience with us.  Our role as instructors is to educate and motivate. 

Safety First

Our top priority is safety. To be safe and effective, Pilates needs to be learned with comprehensive and progressive instruction.  This is why we run dedicated 6-week Beginner Courses.

Our classes are graded so that students of a similar standard learn together and make progress faster. And we don’t have Beginners injuring themselves while copying an Advanced student.

Don't Copy Us

Right from the beginning our aim is to encourage the student to concentrate fully on their body, listen carefully to the instructions given and respond with movement.  So once the basics are grasped a new exercise or variation can be added to the repertoire at a higher level by applying the fundamentals and listening.

We do not teach by demonstrating and students copying.  For example, can you see which muscles an instructor is activating just by watching them? No! Our style means our students are working for the full hour not sitting, watching how to do the next exercise.

We Walk and Talk

We adopt a “walk and talk” style of instruction.  We verbally cue movements in terms of set-up and correct execution.  We walk, talk, observe and correct either verbally or hands on if necessary.
Our teaching position changes and we move constantly so that we can give time to each student.

Observing and Helping Everyone

Our approach allows us to watch everyone in the room and not just those at the front.  Classes are laid out in a specific pattern so we can move around the room monitoring every student for safe, correct execution of movements.  We encourage everyone to work at a similar pace so that we are able to spot any difficulties quickly and move to help.