Choosing the Right Pilates Level

4 Graded Levels of Pilates Classes

Choosing the Right Pilates Level

At first sight, our system of levelling classes at Pilates4Life might seem a little complicated. After our Beginners Course we give the levels a number to make the progression clear.

Which Pilates Level am I?

I’m a Complete Beginner

If you are new to Pilates, then our Beginner Course is the right place to start – results come quickly if you learn the fundamentals thoroughly.

I’ve Done a Few Classes

If you have done a few Pilates classes at a gym or on a drop-in basis, we would still recommend that you take the Beginners Course.

I’ve Done Lots of Classes

If you have a lot of experience, then start with Level 1 and once you have adjusted to the Menezes Method, we can recommend the next step in your development.

Still Unsure?

Send us a note and tell us about your level of Pilates experience. We can discuss the best way forward.

Frequently Asked Questions

I Have Done Pilates in a Health Club, What Level am I?

Pilates in Health Clubs is generally a one-size-fits-all class. Members with no knowledge of Pilates at all are free to join in with members who are very experienced. This makes it impossible for the instructor to teach the fundamentals to the beginner who has to pick it up as they go along.

Except that you can’t just watch to see how to connect you core muscles.

So even if you have been doing PIlates at a Health Club for some time we would still recommend that you complete our Beginners Course. It will make much more sense to you and we can help you get the full benefits from the Pilates method.

I Have Done Pilates from a DVD, Can I Start at Level 1?

An essential part of the Beginner’s Course is having an expert to check and correct your alignment and help you work safely and effectively. You will also learn which exercises are best for you and more about your strengths and weaknesses.

I am really fit, do I need to do the Beginner's Course?

Pilates is quite unlike any other exercise regime and it is vital that you learn the Method before attempting the movements themselves.  Once learned, you will find that your training and sports performance are improved and your chances of injury reduced.