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Deskbound – Standing Up to a Sitting World

Are you sitting down to read this? If so, then start fidgeting, moving your feet, your shoulders, your ankles. Better still, stand up. Walk to the coffee machine or touch your toes – do anything but stay in your chair; because sitting, a habit that occupies more of our time than any other, is killing us.


In Deskbound, Dr Starrett has helpful advice to reduce the amount of time we spend sitting by transitioning to a standing desk. He also has wide-ranging guidance to reduce and undo the damage to our bodies caused by our sedentary lifestyles. Including, how to sit, stand, pick things up and a 14-day program to restore mobility and maintain it through stretching and self-massage techniques.


The book is well-produced with lots of high-quality photographs and easy-to-read instructions. Highly recommended.


Kelly Starrett






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